Transport of liquid materials

We have been serving transport services since 1993. We transport liquid materials in the states of the EU and Eastern Europe for instance Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Moldova, Belarussia and other.

We take care of your order safely and meeting deadline through:

  • a professional fleet that consits of 60 sets,
  • exeperienced co-workers who posses all necessary TSL qualifications

We specialise in transport and spedition of liquid materials , including:

  • animal fat of I, II and III category
  • neutral chemical products (i.a. latex, silicon, glicerin, base oils)
  • dangerous products (according to ADR)

We are experienced in transportation to states of eastern Europe.

tel.: +48 607 070 848
tel.: +48 609 460 608
tel./fax: +48 58 686 73 00
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