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Tank transport

We have 60 modern semitrailer and tanks of one, three and four chambers of volume from 26 thousand until 34 thousand liter.

Przygotowywanie cystern do badań TDT

Zajmujemy się przygotowaniem cystern i zbiorników do przeglądów dozorowych TDT, pośrednich (3 letnie) i  okresowych (6 letnie).

Domestic transport

Throughout Poland. Woivodships: Masovien, Silesia, Lesser Poland, Lower Silesia, Lodz, Pomerania, Greater Poland, Lublin and other

International transport

Throughout the European Union and Eastern Europe. Belgium, Belarussia, France, Greece, Holland, Moldova, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy and other

Kärcher Car wash

It is equipped with modern washing heads, stationary flow boilers, pumps and a high pressure system for dispensing washing detergents.


A complex service for tanks and cars of various producers. Car reviews, modernisation, repairs after accidents, calibration of hoses and other devices.

MTD Pranczk - professionalism and experience

International Street Transport Zygmunt Pranczk is a family transport company that has been operating since 1993. We transport for our customers:

  • animal fat of I, II and III category
  • neutral chemical products ( i. a. latex, silicons, glicerin, base oils)
  • dangerous products (according to ADR)

and this in the followiing places:

  • Poland
  • European Union (i.a. France, Italy, Germany, Danemark)
  • Eastern Europe ( i.a. Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Balcan states)

through a professional fleet that consits of 60 modern sets.

Design and realization: